How We Stock Our Protein Pantry (AKA Trick the Toddler)

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Vitamin Shoppe. All opinions are mine.

My child has officially hit the stage where she only wants sugar or empty carbs.

You must know how frustrating this is for me as her mommy because I try to make sure she gets a healthy balance of veggies and protein.  The struggle is so freaking real right now.

Lately, I’ve had to be a little creative and tricky.

“You want pancakes?  Fine, devil child, but on my terms.”

So I teamed up with the Vitamin Shoppe and stocked up our protein pantry.  If you are in Vitamin Shoppe make sure you check out this section of over 40 protein packed foods.  They have everything you need from pancake mixes to powdered peanut butter.  I love that the products they sent me are pumped up with protein!

How We Stock Our Protein Pantry

Protein infused nut butters are a great combo of protein fat and a little carbs to keep you full.  Quinn loves her PB&J so this is a great way for us to sneak in protein.  The peanut butters are amazing.  I mean, peanut butter is great, but when you load up more protein into it, it just goes to a whole new level.  We really liked the P28 White Chocolate!

How We Stock Our Protein Pantry

Pancakes are an even easier option instead of using regular protein powder to create baked goods.  We cooked up Mancakes for breakfast and snacked on a FlapJacked Mighty Muffin as an evening snack while watching Frozen (for the bajillionth time…)  I can tolerate anything if you give me a chocolate muffin!

How We Stock Our Protein Pantry

Side note: The Mancakes Buttermilk flavor pancake topped with P28 High Protein White Chocolate Spread and Mancake’s syrup is heavenly.  They tasted just like regular pancakes and I had to force myself to stop at two.  Fluffy, filling, sweet and soft!

I have no problem letting Quinn have pancakes every morning as long as they have some nutritional value and won’t give her a sugar rush or carb coma crash.  She loved these and wanted a few sprinkles on hers.  These will be a regular staple in our house now.

How We Stock Our Protein Pantry

I’m really looking forward to trying all of the items from the Protein Pantry.  I meeeeaaaannnn you don’t have to twist my arm to test out pancakes and nut butters!How We Stock Our Protein Pantry

Thanks to the Vitamin Shoppe, I was able to go and get more products so I grabbed some things we use on a regular basis and a few new items just to test out.  I chose items that work for our lifestyle (busy and on the go so we prep ahead) but also things that I know Quinn will eat.

How We Stock Our Protein Pantry

I think Quinn will enjoy the Orgain Kid’s protein Milk.  She is a milk lover and yet again, it helps me to sneak in extra protein.  I also grabbed more Isopure because Rob and I love these post-workout.  Of course, I needed Casein and Whey since I am competing in another show in four more weeks.

I had to test out the new Quest pumpkin pie bar, too.  I’m not a fan but you should give it a shot!

How We Stock Our Protein PantryOh the Quest bars are being stocked in my office protein pantry.  Off limits to anyone but mommy! Sorry, I’m selfish when it comes to a few things.

How We Stock Our Protein Pantry

If you are interested in the items from the protein pantry you can check out the Vitamin Shoppe to see more recipes and giveaways using these protein packed products.  Facebook // Instagram

So how do you try to get a little extra protein in your family’s meals?

What is your favorite pancake topping?  

Agree or disagree? 2 T of peanut butter is never enough.

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Vitamin Shoppe. All opinions are mine.

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