How to Clean Your Competition Bikini

How to Clean Your Competition Bikini

The suit.

how to clean your competition suit

It’s what makes your hard work and beauty really shine on stage and you probably spent a pretty penny on it.  It’s your most prized possession as a competitor (besides your body) and should be handled carefully when you finally clean the glue and layers of spray tan off of it.  The crystals are fragile and fabric could be discolored or stretched if you don’t clean it properly.

I’ve been putting off cleaning my suit because…

1) I’m lazy
2) I don’t really want to deal with laundry more than I already have to
3) I was afraid I would ruin it by washing it

But alas, it was time because I’m competing again in just a few weeks.

It’s well worth the time to clean your suit and wear it again.  If you do exactly what I say, it will be as good as new!

How to Clean Your Competition BikiniThe first thing you should know is that you need to be very gentle and pay attention to the glue areas (from your Bikini Bite or adhesive) while ensuring that your crystals remain in tact.

What you need:

  • sink (Luckily, I have the new Samsung washer with the scrub station. Best money I have ever spent!)
  • cold water
  • gentle laundry detergent (I prefer EverydayHappy Baby Laundry Detergent *Disclosure: They sent me free products to test out in our house and we are loving them!)
  • toothbrush

Start by filling your sink with cold water.  Add a generous amount of detergent and gently slosh your suit around in the water.  I used the EverydayHappy detergent because I knew it would be gentle on my suit.  Dyes or fragrances could definitely ruin the fabric or strip the glue that holds the gems in place.

How to Clean Your Competition Bikini

Flip your suit inside out (so that the inside with tan and glue are facing you.)  Gently pour some liquid right onto the heavily soiled areas and use your fingers or the toothbrush to softly rub the area until the glue and tan breaks down.  Be gentle and patient.  It will come off!

How to Clean Your Competition Bikini

Once you get all of the leftover color and glue off, empty the sink and continue to slosh and rinse your suit in cold water.  You will probably have to repeat this 4-6 times, or until the water is no longer “soapy.”  Gently lay your suit on a towel (on a flat surface) and allow the water to drip out for about an hour.  You can then drape your suit over a hanger to finish air-drying.

When the suit is suds free, place it on a towel on a flat surface for only about a half hour until the main amount of water is out of the suit. Then drape suit over a hanger and let it finish drying.   After your suit is entirely dry, store it in a dry box somewhere that’s safe from damage.  (Mine is wayyyy out of Quinn’s reach.)

I really can’t wait to pick out my next suit, but for now I will rock this gem!  **My suit was hand made from Angel Competition Bikinis.  You can read more about choosing the right suit for you and why I love ACBikinis here.  Oh and there is a coupon code!**

how to clean competition suitLooking for more tips on prep or competing?  Check out my journey and series!

My experience at the Natural Northern Dave Liberman NPC show


If you are looking for more gentle products, consider trying EverydayHappy’s line!  EveryDayHappy has an amazing mission to keep our families healthy and happy.  They are a proud supported of the Organic Trade Association and 100% cruelty free!

All of the products we tested are naturally sourced and carcinogen free which means a lot to me.  I consciously try to make an effort to use products that are safe since we are exposed to them constantly.

We have been very happy with the Shampoo & Body Wash, Body Lotion and of course the Laundry Detergent.

Everyday Family Shampoo and Body Wash for Babies

Everyday Family healthy home natural body care products

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Everyday Family healthy home natural body care products

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