Meal Prep Tips- Worry Less, Do More

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Meal Prep tips for the busy mom who wants to worry less, do more

I think it’s safe to say I wear a lot of hats.

Even though I am busy AF, I love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  It keeps me on my toes, inspired, challenged and fulfilled.  If any one of those hats were removed from my costume box, I would be a lost and sad woman!

There’s just one problem…  it’s hard to balance.

I can’t add more hours to my day. I can’t get less sleep (muscles need the zzzz’s.) I can’t give less to any of these things or people who need me.

In order to make it work, I have to be really efficient with my time and manage it well.  One way I do this is meal prep!

Saturday I get groceries and get to work prepping so that throughout the week I can pretty much grab and go without sacrificing time, my nutrition or a whole lot of energy.  Mom power!

Meal Prep tips for the busy mom who wants to worry less, do more

So let me run through some staples in my plan and how I prep them.

Sweet potatoes- Our favorite way to prep these is in the crockpot.  I just wash and cut off any yucky spots then toss them in.  Cook on low about 4-6 hours (or until you can poke them and they are super soft.)  They are soooo juicy and sweet this way!  Store in the fridge for about 5 days.

Chicken- I normally either grill it in the summer (best flavor) or I put about four pounds in the crock pot.  I add a little water and Mrs. Dash table blend to give it a “chicken noodle soup” flavor.

Throughout the week I can shred it and add Mrs. Dash Feista lime for a taco taste or some Mrs. Dash lemon pepper and dill for a zing.  I change up the flavor based on what I am craving. Rob uses the chicken to make barbecue stuffed sweet potatoes, salads, quesadillas and Quinn loves it with broccoli and cheese.  It’s so versatile.

Ground sirloin- I used to be more fancy and make patties or burger balls, but now I just cook it all in a pan and divide the ounces I need into containers. #SoBasic

Asparagus- I have never been a huge fan of soggy asparagus so I like to just lightly “grill” mine in a pan on the stove with Mrs. Dash.  I divide it up and add it to my burger containers so it’s all done ahead for my dinner throughout the week.

Broccoli- Steam enough for the whole week and divide into portioned containers.

Eggs- I cook my eggs and whites as an omelette every morning because I have time, but when I’m rushed I cook them in batches for three days and reheat each morning.

The rest is pretty much raw (almonds, tomatoes, spinach, olive oil, etc) so I just gently toss throw them in with my meal and chow down.

You might think you need a bunch of crazy tools to help your prep go faster, but I keep it simple!  More tools = worse cleanup, am I right?!

Crockpot- I use this so much that I think I would benefit from having two!

Steamer- You could get a fancy one like I have (and almost never use) or just buy the steamer bags of frozen veggies.

Storage containers- Kroger has sets of 6 for $1.99.  Super affordable and the perfect sizes for my meals.

Here’s how I whip up my salad everyday in about 1 minute flat.

**This post is sponsored by Levana as part of the “Do More Knowing Your Child Is Safe” campaign.  I was given the Levana Ovia to test out and give my honest review.  You can see my full disclosure policy here.**

Quinn is not a baby anymore which means nap time is fading a bit more quickly than I am ready for.  Nap time used to give me about two hours to catch up on work, take a shower, pick up the house, etc.  Now we are shifting into a new phase where I’m trying to teach Quinn how to entertain herself or have “quiet time” so I can still get a few things done remind her it’s time to rest.

She is only two so I can’t fully trust that she will be self sufficient or follow the new “quiet time” rules.  I am using the Levana Video Monitor to spy on her and give her some reminders.  I can get work done knowing she is safe without being by her side. #ParentingLevelExpert

The Levana baby monitor is for parents who want to do more and worry less! I use it to spy on my toddler while tackling my to-do list

This Levana Ovia baby monitor has a ton of awesome features like longer battery life and night vision, but these were my favorite:

  • Silent tilt/zoom/pan camera.  I can see every inch of the room!
  • Talk to Baby (TM) two-way communication.  I can give Quinn reminders of her rules while she is playing.
  • Wireless.  No worries about strangulation and it just looks nicer!
  • Hi-res 4/3″ LCD screen.  The picture is really clear so I can see exactly what is going on.
  • ClearVu digital wireless technology.  I have never thought about it before, but the experts at Levana thought to transmit all video and audio data on private networks and hop between 19 channels to deter all potential hacking.


The Levana baby monitor is for parents who want to do more and worry less! I use it to spy on my toddler while tackling my to-do list


The Levana baby monitor is for parents who want to do more and worry less! I use it to spy on my toddler while tackling my to-do list

Good news!  Levana is hosting a giveaway for you to win one of these for your sanity family.  That’s a $224.99 value!  I HIGHLY recommend you enter this giveaway for your baby, toddler or even to spy on a babysitter.  (Pssst… you can record to an SD!)  You will feel so much better knowing that your precious kiddo is safe.
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I am already looking forward to our next baby and using this since we only purchased a sound monitor when Quinn was born! Please feel free to share a funny story about spying on your baby or an “oops” from not spying correctly.  My parents probably wish they had this back in the day when I dumped the entire bottle of baby powder ALL OVER myself. Good luck with the giveaway!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.

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