How to Deal with Your Fit Critics

How to deal with people who are critical of your fitness lifestyle“Don’t you get sick of eating salad for every meal?”

“You’re so skinny, you need a burger.”

“Girls with muscles are gross.”

I’m not kidding.  People actually say this shit to me.

As I started to change my lifestyle and get more serious about fitness and competing, I also started to be “attacked.” Some of the comments came from family, sometimes it was sent in a nasty message (even from members frequenting the same gym) or I would hear about things people said about me behind my back.

“She’s so conceited and all she posts is pictures of herself on Instagram…”

There I was feeling hurt and internalizing the negativity.

I post pictures to see my progress, inspire others and as a blogger, it’s my job to be on social media as much as possible.  If they knew me, they would know I am the farthest thing from conceited and usually I’m in fact critical of myself.

It was my first reaction to attack the person back, but you should never fight fire with fire.

Eventually, my skin grew as thick as peanut butter.  It took time and a lot of practice to learn how to find peace with my choice to brush it off or end the relationship.

Here’s what I’ve learned…

It’s important to note that the ignorant people are truly unaware that the context or wording of their comment can actually be hurtful to you.  Sometimes, they are so far removed from what is actually “healthy” thanks to the media so I look at this as an opportunity to really teach and inspire them to make some of their own healthy habits.

On the other hand, insecure people really are coming at you with arrows and swords.  Kill them with kindness.  This battle they are fighting is internal, not with you.  Unfortunately, family and friends can be hurtful and relationships can be strained.

I’ve had to cut ties, myself.  (See my post on walking away and finding peace here.)  It’s not easy, but you deserve better.

Lastly, I want you to remember…

Have you had to deal with people who are critical of you and your fit life?  How did you handle it?  Do you need some advice on what to say to critics?


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