Are You Ready for Prep? 5 Questions to Ask Before Competing

In honor of my competition training starting again, let’s talk about starting prep!

#ohmyquad I’m so ready to destroy this prep and my two shows Keith and I picked: Northcoast Championships and Jr Nats! Currently sitting at 132, no clue what my body fat is and I won’t even check either of those stats again because we base the success on how I feel, pictures and if I look stage ready for #vbyvoperationprocard 👙👙👙👙👙👙 #AllTheFeels 💪🏼 Nervous about the biggie of Jr Nats but I have an army behind me and know I have what it takes. Just have to practice not doubting myself (daily, sometimes hourly) 💪🏼Staying humble but confident 💪🏼 I know the first week will be the hardest to get back into my prep routine since I’ve been sleeping in, not doing cardio and eating what I want 💪🏼 Really embracing this last hurrah because after these shows I probably won’t compete ever again 💪🏼 Excited about the progress I’ve made with Keith during off season. Gains in all the right places but ready to see the lean package 💪🏼 lets go! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 Of course I’ll update y’all along the journey because my goal is to educate and inspire. Later this week I’ll be posting a video on starting prep and how to know that you’re ready! #bikinicompetitor #quadshavenochill #yesimbarelyclothed #getoverit #npcbikini #16weeksout #19weeksout #fluffpack #offseasonendsnow #welcometoprep #dayone @f4agym

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You picked a date and are gunz-a-blazin to start prep, but are you defeating yourself before you even start?

Don’t pencil it in just yet.

I’m so excited for you, but I love this process and want the best for you so hear me out…

Too many times, people get confident about progress and think competing is the next step.  While I think it’s a great goal to have, there is a lot of science behind training and nutrition for competitions so I’m giving you a glimpse into the trainer mindset.


It’s really really important for your body (and sanity) to go through prep in a healthy manner.  Not only will you see the most results, but even the months after competing will be prime for you to reach more goals.

Yes, prep is hard.  No, it should not be an insanely miserable journey or do damage to your body.  An amazing trainer can make your journey to stage an incredibly rewarding experience!

My experience at the Natural Northern Dave Liberman NPC show

I’m sure you have heard about women who are in such a caloric deficit that they stop having periods, feel like they are starving or have extremely low energy, lose a lot of muscle in the process or even worse, get on stage and don’t win.

I realize not everyone has the goal of winning, but if you do and truly care about the sport of competing(vs just doing it for a goal or for fun) then you NEED to honestly think about these questions and not rush into starting prep.  

In this video I share five questions that we ask our clients to determine if they are ready to begin getting ready for a competition.  Rather than just taking their money and getting them started, we actually care and want the best results possible.  If a client isn’t ready, we just work on the small things until it’s time to pick a show and dive in!

Did I miss something?  Feel free to leave me a comment below!

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