The Journey Is The Reward

As you all know, I just competed at my first National NPC show in Chicago!

npc jr nationals1Junior Nationals was a blast and honestly, the most smooth and comfortable show I have been in to date.  It was definitely run by the pros in the industry which makes it enjoyable for us to compete at.

No stress.  No drama.  Just fun!npc jr nationals npc jr nationals7

Unfortunately, I didn’t place as high as I was hoping for.  I was a little disappointed at first because, of course, I compete to WIN!  I ended up placing 8th in my class of about 30 girls but I was fighting back tears as I walked off stage.

npc jr nationals3It hurt.

I noticed a girl crying backstage as she was packing up her things and I took that moment to console her.  A lot of what happened was a blur, but I remember hugging her and saying to her “the reward is our journey.  We aren’t defined by our placement.”

It meant so much to me to be able to be there for her and support her because as much as she needed to hear that, so did I.

It’s hard not to cry.  We bust our asses for months, giving everything we have (and then more.)  But that is what is so rewarding.

npc jr nationals5I know it is cliche, but the trophy is just the icing on the cake peanut butter on the rice cake.  The reward is the process and journey!

npc jr nationals4

As we prep for stage, brick by brick, we build ourselves and shape our minds and bodies.  At the end of it all, we can look at ourselves and really admire the work that has been put in.  It’s amazing how much we change.  It’s amazing how much we learn about ourselves.  It’s amazing how much we inspire others.

npc jr nationals9When I got back to my hotel room, the tears spilled and I was upset for a few minutes.  I did a Facebook live video to show what it’s like and announce my results.  The messages started pouring in.

“Kayla, I have followed your journey and you have inspired me to compete.”

“You are such a freaking inspiration.”

You look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and you should be SO PROUD OF YOURSELF!!!!!!! Chin up gorgeous!!! Keep Pushing, you are such an inspiration”

That’s when it hit me.  I won.  I did what I set out to do.  If my journey has touched this many people’s lives, then how could I ever feel like I let them down?!

I inspired people.

THAT is what matters to me.

So while I didn’t place where I wanted to, I loved the package that Keith and I brought to Jr Nationals.  I made a difference in people’s lives, I shed some light on the NPC and competing AND I had fun doing it with other women who love this sport.

npc jr nationals6What more could I ask for?! I mean besides more of those Oreo’s!…

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