Should You Quit or Fight Through Competition Prep? #Goals

Let’s chat goals, shall we?!

marshalls goals tank top ombre leggingsLast week I hopped on Facebook live and was pretty honest about how I was feeling about doing another national show.

I was dragging through my workouts.

I felt really bitter about my clean food.

I was super tired and whiney.

Basically, I was struggling to feel “all in” about doing North Americans after enjoying myself for a week post Jr Nationals.  I thoroughly enjoyed the balance and having the week off of “prep” with light workouts, delicious food, family time and some drinks!

quinn red white blue dress

P.S. this recipe is coming on Wednesday!

al fresco chicken bacon pizza flatbreadI felt stressed.  I felt burnout.  I felt like quitting.

I had so many mixed emotions to work through and couldn’t decide if wanting some normalcy in my life was just a phase or if I truly needed to step away and put competing on the back burner or walk away entirely.

It all came to a head and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

My philosophy about prep and training is that you should NOT be miserable your entire prep.  The journey to the stage is your reward so if you do not enjoy the process, it’s going to be a long effing haul.  If you aren’t “all in,” then get “all out.”

We all get terrified of quitting though because it’s embarrassing to say “I quit.”  Our pride gets in the way.  But I feel that if you truly aren’t passionate about what you are working toward, it’s not healthy to continue to fight for it.

Goals change.

Your “why” changes.

It happens to all of us and it’s okay to walk away if you are supposed to!

This doesn’t just apply to fitness and competing.  Think about a promotion or anything you have worked hard for.  There has probably been a time that you have wondered…

“Do I really want this promotion?  I can’t give anymore.  Do I want it just for the recognition and title?  Do I just want it for the pay increase?  Or do I really really have a passion for this and will I feel happy doing this job?”

It’s perfectly okay to realize that a certain goal is no longer serving your heart.

But how do you know when it’s time to take a different path or lace up and trek on?!

Take a step back and analyze these things because most likely, this decision is a big one and you will change the course of your life.  This is how I worked through it and what my decision is.  I am 100% at peace and happy!

I hope that my passion and talents that God has given me could give you some direction and understanding with your goals right now.

Hits home a weetle bit #qotd

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