Bikini Babe “Bro Diet” Cookbook Is Here!

I am so incredibly proud to share my newest ebook with you!  I have spent many many hours creating it and I truly think it will change the way you look at your clean food.

Just to get your taste buds flowing…

bro diet macros chicken

Why I created it…

People want to eat clean, but often fall off the band-wagon for a few reasons:

1) The food gets boring (I used to cringe at the idea of chicken and broccoli, so I don’t blame them)

2) You feel caged… like you can never enjoy the foods you love

3) You get overwhelmed with trying to find ways to make the food taste good or trying and failing miserably

So here I am to save the day!  While I’ve been prepping for my competitions, I go 20+ weeks without cheat meals and stick to a very clean “bro diet.” I am STILL not sick of my food!

npc jr nationals1I’ve always loved to cook so I experimented along the way and learned how to make my food a bit more fun without sacrificing any of my goals.

What you get…

I’ve compiled my favorite recipes (like these muscle muffins) that I created so you can see how I made food taste GREAT even though I was eating clean.

You can use this guide to spark some ideas for eating clean every day, OR you can check your macros and find a way to fit them into your prep plan.  (Once you purchase the book, you will get a URL link to watch a “getting started” video on how to make this work for you because of course, I want this to be adaptable to your needs.)

What it includes:  (a few pdf files to save/print)

1) 55+ breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes

2) Sodium free seasoning blends I use on a daily basis

3) Helpful tips on tweaking these recipes to fit your plan (i.e. adding special condiments)

4) A list of the cooking tools I use and where to purchase (i.e. cupcake maker, air fryer, etc)

5) A special support group on Facebook to stay connected

Just for drooling purposes…

Muscle Muffins made using whey isolate and egg whites. High protein, low carb and very delicious!

Cauliflower Protein Oats for extra volume, sweetness and keep carbs low. They are delicious! #cauliproats55+ clean eating recipe cookbook (ebook) Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.58.51 PM

Feeling hungry?!

So if you are ready to clean up your diet and have fun with it, too, you can grab your copy here!

P.S. I competed yesterday at North Americans in Pittsburgh, PA so now it’s off season…. if you want to see all the yummy new recipes I come up with, you can subscribe to my blog or follow me on social media!  IG / FB

As always, thank you for the continued support and love.  You make me love what I do! #blessed

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