Finding A Balance “Full Day Of Eats”

happy sunday

It’s now been two weeks since I finished my competition and I’m still trying to assess where I am at on a daily basis.

I’m finding that intuitive eating is currently working for me because I don’t have to count or measure (I meeeaaaaan I can pretty much eyeball protein right to the ounce anyway) and I don’t feel restricted.  If I want some extra fats on my salad, I have them.  If I am craving a piece of chocolate, I indulge.

Each day, I am learning more about how clean I want to keep my food so that I can feel great and be happy with my body, too.  I also want to make sure I am eating foods that literally make me feel great because allergies, headaches, itching, etc is back which I NEVER dealt with when I followed my strict prep diet.

For example, I added quinoa back into my diet as a carb option and my body is loving it.  I’m craving it!  This little mix is asparagus pan cooked with Mrs Dash, quinoa, splash of ACV, chicken sausage and just a little goat cheese and chopped nuts.

chicken bowl

I went out to dinner with my mom and for the first time in over a year and a half, I enjoyed a bottle of wine, pasta, bread/oil and didn’t even feel an ounce of guilt.  It was so enjoyable!  However, later that night I was itching then woke up feeling puffy and yucky.

ciao dinner

So I guess…. the difficulty I am having is finding where I am the most comfortable with how I look AND how I feel.


I’ve been enjoying a lot of flexibility with my food (and drinks) but I look pretty soft and don’t love that.  Or I guess, I am happy with a fuller look (hello curves) and gaining more muscle, but I don’t want to put on any unnecessary fat either.

I also realize that while I look in the mirror and see “soft” abs that I am probably a little hard on myself because I am so used to seeing myself so lean.

On the reg, I am just doing a lot of self love to keep my mind in check.

marshalls dress

Patience is a friggin virtue during prep AND when you are done competing.  Don’t be so hard on yourself and give it time!

So as I learn, I will share how I feel along the way.  I figured I would share some of my food from the other day for you.  I was happy with the balance I had with these eats; it tasted great, didn’t feel restrictive, a decent amount of clean foods, felt satisfied, etc.

Here’s how Thursday broke down

Breakfast: Skinny french vanilla latte + cauliproats + nut butter + egg/white veggie omelette with Cholula + pepperjack cheesebiggby coffee

breakfastSnack: plain non fat Greek yogurt + whey isolate + apple


Post workout: whey protein

protein powderLunch: spinach + chicken + tomato + green onion + balsamic + sweet potato

lunchSnack: Quest + ice + water + mixed nuts


Dinner: romaine + chicken + plain greek yogurt + celery + onion + dijon + cholula + broccoli + mozzarella

dinnerSnack: froyo YOLO!


This week I am going to try to be more conscious and clean things up a bit!  I have my menu planned for the week and am going to cut back on some dairy and aim for NOTHING processed.  So lots of protein, veggies, some fats and carbs.  Still going to be creative with my meals and not measure, but just choose more wisely!

And lots and lots of self love.





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