Breast Augmentation Recovery Part 1: Days 1-3

As you all know, I recently had breast augmentation done.  I am so extremely happy with the entire process and results so far!  I’m 11 days post-op but still in the healing stages, so I want to start this series talking about breast augmentation recovery.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Phase 1: Days 1-3.  Pain management, what it feels like, etc.

I have gotten so many questions on my Facebook and IG posts so I am starting to compile them and answer to the best of my ability.  My goal is not to convince you to have breast augmentation done, but rather share my experience so that you can decide if speaking to an expert is right for you and what the next steps of education would be.

That being said, I get a lot of questions about my choices of size, implant type, and even incision and placement so I will be sharing that later.  There is plenty of info about the pros/cons of that already floating around.  I want to give you the info and experience you can’t find easily.

Here’s what I have planned for future posts so you can check back:

  • Recovery weeks 1-2
  • Recovery 2 weeks+
  • Emotions during each stage
  • What fit girls need to know before getting implants
  • Workouts/Activity (might break this into each phase)
  • Supplements to take out and add before surgery
  • How to eat for recovery
  • My choices: size, doctor, implant type, incision, placement, cost, etc

Breast Augmentation Recovery:


After surgery, I woke up and of course felt disoriented because of the anesthesia.  The surgery only took about an hour and I had zero complications.  I never have a reaction to anesthesia so I woke up just fine, but a little loopy.  First feelings: immense tightness in my chest, numbness of breasts and I told the nurse my pain was at a 6/7.  She gave me some more Norco to take the edge off and pain was down to a 2.

Rob helped me get dressed because I really couldn’t use my upper body that well.  I could move my arms, but the feeling was foreign when anything engaged my pecs since they had just been stretched to fit the implant.

Tightness Notes:

  • Not a painful feeling, but more like pressure
  • It felt like someone was sitting on my chest.  Taking a deep breath even felt strange.
  • Best way to describe it is thinking of someone, inventing a corset for your chest and tightening it.

Things that were difficult (not painful, just felt weird):

  • lifting cup to my mouth to drink
  • pulling up to a sitting position
  • shutting door or vehicle
  • bracing myself to sit
  • unscrewing medicine cap
  • trying to fix hair
  • putting on a button down shirt

Once I got home, my pain was about a 2 and I was fine to walk around.  I was instructed to put my arms overhead every hour which shocked me that I would be able to do that so soon!  This is key, too.  The more you refuse to move, the more stiffness you will experience.  Walking and working arms overhead helps with blood flow and recovery.

I had some soup for lunch and climbed in bed (sleeping at 45 degrees and pillows under each arm) to take a nap for a few hours.  My friend Heather picked Quinn up and spent the rest of the day with us, but I was pretty much self sufficient minus opening my pill bottle.


The first two days I really tried to focus most of my energy on resting and eating healthy so that I could help my body recover.  It helped that we planned my surgery date when Rob would be home the next two days.  I do NOT recommend being alone the first days after surgery.  You will need help with some of the most random things that you don’t realize ahead of time.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Pain Notes:

  • I wrote down what I took and when I took it because you can be somewhat forgetful.
  • I set an alarm for 4 hour increments to stay on track with pain meds the first 2 days.  Day 3 I went six to eight hours between doses.
  • My pain was really never above a 2 after leaving the hospital.
  • I noticed that I got tired and a bit irritable if I was up walking around for too long.  I made sure to take a nap every chance I could.  Remember, the body is healing and it really needs rest!
  • I was told NOT to ice or heat the breasts for pain management.
  • My incisions/stitches were taped (not removed until day 8) but I didn’t experience any pain there.


I was feeling really good!  Pain was extremely manageable and I was feeling less helpless.  The swelling was still pretty intense, and I could tell below my breasts on the ribs I was holding water which was tender to the touch.  My sternum also felt “squishy.”  I still did not attempt to wear any sort of bra and was most comfortable in a loose shirt.

By this day, simple movements like putting a shirt on, sitting up after sleeping or pulling open my shower door were much easier.  I did start to notice that my body finally realized what happened, but luckily I didn’t have bruising because of my supplementation which we will talk about in a later post.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Phase 1: Days 1-3.  Pain management, what it feels like, etc.Overall, I am shocked at how easy the first few days of breast augmentation recovery went and how minimal my pain was.  I expected much worse.  I’m trying to take notes along the way to remember everything, but if there is something you want more detail on, please don’t hesitate to reach out through email or social media.

As always, if you found this helpful, would you mind sharing or pin it on Pinterest?!  There are many women out there who might benefit from seeing what breast augmentation recovery looked like for me.

Thanks, peaches melons!

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