Emotions After Breast Augmentation- Will I Ever Feel Normal Again?

I am now heading in to my fourth week of healing after having breast augmentation surgery.  Since I’ve been focused on healing, let’s talk about the emotional rollercoaster I just got to ride for the past three weeks, shall we?!

I’ve determined that healing is not linear; breast augmentation emotions are up and down, similar to your heartbeat on the monitor.

Everyone keeps asking me how I am feeling and it depends on the day, or some days… the hour.

I’ve been a glass case of emotion.

My doctor and his team explained to me that this is completely normal, but I wanted to share my feelings for the women who don’t have a doctor who prepares them for this.

Your timeline of emotion may not be the same as mine, but you might notice the similar ups and downs.  Surgery affects each person differently.  These highs and lows are just a basic outline.

Pre-Op Emotions

I mainly felt excited but I also experienced some anxiousness and stress with what to expect.  I wasn’t worried the surgery would have complications, but stressed about the length of time until I would be able to move, what it would feel like, how much time I needed off from work, how it would affect the house chores, etc.

I did the best I could to plan for my husband being home for a few days and stocking up on groceries, cleaning the house, getting ahead with work etc. This helped alleviate a lot of stress.

Post-Op Emotions

Immediately after surgery you will be somewhat in pain, but the painkillers make you forget about it.  You sleep and rest a lot and pretty much give zero fucks about anything else.

By day 2 and 3 you are feeling a bit better, but you still want to rest a lot.  Heading in to day 4 and on, I sometimes felt irritated that I couldn’t do something by myself.  The pain was pretty minimal but I felt like I was straining to do some things.  I also got tired very easily which is not normal for me, so that was an adjustment.

I noticed that Quinn started to get more “needy” and whiney around this point because I wasn’t able to hold her or pick her up.  Rob was extremely helpful to me and didn’t make me feel like a burden, but your caretaker may make you feel like you really aren’t in that much pain and need to just get back to normal life.

Week 2 Emotions

Exactly 8 days after surgery I noticed my nipples were extremely sensitive.  Just having a shirt on felt like I had a burn or scrape on my breast.  The shower water touching me hurt and I had to take a pain pill a few times just to take the edge off.  It wasn’t constant pain, but more of an irritating dull pain that every once in a while would sting.  It started to wear on me.

At times, having a sports bra on felt more comfortable because nothing could drag along my skin. Other times, a sports bra was  extremely annoying.  It changed by the day and by the hour.  Dr. Colville explained that this is normal as the nerves are reattaching and it typically lasts 1-3 weeks.

I sometimes would feel worn down and the days felt like a week.  I would feel slightly depressed thinking,

“Why did I do this? Will I ever feel normal again?”

and reminded myself that I would.  We so quickly forget how intense the surgery is and just want to feel normal overnight.

Cue hormones…. wow!  

The entire week I felt somewhat depressed or overly sensitive.  I cried at a commercial.  Cried about Quinn growing up.  Cried about work, etc.  I think a lot of that is just hormones from 1) working out intensely then dropping to REST ONLY 2) anesthesia 3) pain meds 4) Aunt Flow.  All of those factors played a role in the hormonal shit storm I experienced.

You may experience feedback as both positive and negative.  All of a sudden, people may be commenting or giving you more attention which can feel irritating or wonderful; everyone is different on how they react to this.  Some people avoid the subject, or you, altogether.

Week 3 Emotions

I am finally starting to feel really really good!  I’ve been able to do more things at the gym with no strain or pain but still being very careful.  I am not getting tired as easily through the day and am able to hold Quinn and play more with her.  Around 22 days post op, almost all of the sensitivity is gone and I don’t feel as irritable.  I can wear a sports bra all day with no discomfort.

I hope this is helpful to those of you who will be having breast augmentation done!  If you have had it done, was your experience similar?

The most important thing to keep in mind is you WILL heal and will look amazing.  Try not to stress and realize that you feel extra sensitive because there is a lot going on in that hot little bod of yours.  If something really seems off, talk to your doctor or the team of nurses.

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