My Lip Injection Experience with Dr. Craig Colville |Part 1|

** I am partnering with Dr. Craig Colville and Bella Via Day Spa to share my lip injection experience with Juvederm Ultra which was complimentary.  I always make it clear when I have been compensated and also give my 100% honest feedback.  You can read more about my disclosure policies here.

WARNING: Graphic Content and needles/blood.  If this bothers you, pour yo-self a glass of wine, chug it and come back!

lip injection experience with Dr. Craig Colville - Juverderm Ultra injections

I have always loved my lips and never really felt the need to go to drastic measures to plump them up.  You know… the lip plumping craze that kinda started with Kylie Jenner which has girls going ga-ga for plumping glosses, sucking tools and even injections.

But recently, I thought it might be nice to see what Dr. Colville had to say about giving me a natural fuller look with lip injections.  Something that just added some softness and youth to my pout.

Dr. Colville and his team asked me if I would be willing to team up and I jumped on board!

The goal here was to be transparent (it’s kinda what I do!!!) and share my lip injection experience with all of you!  I am breaking this into two parts

1) my actual procedure and experience

2) education about some myths and logical fears women have about lip injections.  

So let’s oooooh and ahhhhh over these luscious lips!  I am so so thrilled with the result!Unfortunately, so many procedures are done by “doctors” who are not board certified and you hear the horror stories which is why I was terrified to ever have things like this done.

I can wholeheartedly say that I feel comfortable with Dr. Colville and his staff because of the time they take during a consultation to listen to your desires, educate you on the products and procedure, answer all questions, and really create a comprehensive plan.  That’s what a doctor SHOULD do.  I also feel so confident in his skills because of his credentials and experience!

We filmed my entire procedure in front of a live audience and here’s what that looked like!

I’m curious… what do I do next?

STEP 1: Stalk your doctor… not really, but kinda

Credentials are the most important factor here.  I do not care if your friend Jessica had a procedure done that looks phenomenal if her “doctor” was not board certified and isn’t committed to ongoing education.  Yes, referrals are great… that’s how I came across Dr. Colville in the first place… but you NEED to take the additional time to research the doctor and find out exactly what his/her certifications are.  I repeat. NEED.

Taken from Dr. Colville’s website

Dr. Colville established his practice in 1990 after obtaining his medical degree from Indiana University and he’s remained part of the community since then. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in addition to belonging to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Note: anyone can say whatever they want online.  Ask to see the certificates or locate them in the office you will be visiting or even search for your doctor on the board website.

STEP 1.5: Meet for a consultation

lip injection experience with Dr. Craig Colville - Juverderm Ultra injections

Dr. Colville spends a lot of time with you at a consult and it’s essential.  A cosmetic procedure involves a lot of wording that is subjective: i.e. fuller, larger, pouty, softer, etc.  What you may envision and describe to your doctor for the end result could be interpreted differently.  I’ve always taken in photos of looks I love and hate for Dr. Colville to really see what I want.

He also uses a new technology called the Vectra machine to get detailed images of you.  This allows him to use the computer to split your face, draw lines, rotate, etc and really get a good idea of what you would need done to achieve the look you want.

This is also you opportunity to get a feel for your doctor.  I knew in my first consultation that Dr. Colville has a very comprehensive approach and likes to keep procedures more natural looking… NATURAL aligned 100% with my ultimate goal.  I felt very safe with him!

STEP 2: Select doctor, agree on procedure details and schedule

Once you have all the details worked out, select which doctor you align with and schedule your appointment.  Your doctor should work with you to determine a time frame that works with your life.  i.e. I would not recommend having lip injections done the week before your wedding… Again, Dr. Colville aims to deliver a comprehensive plan that takes special events into consideration!

Again, I am just so happy with my experience and results!  Thank you to Dr. Colville and his amazing team for making me feel so comfortable and taking care of me!

lip injection experience with Dr. Craig Colville - Juverderm Ultra injections


I also wanted to quickly chat about some FAQs, myths and stereotypes that I worried about or experienced… so check back soon for that!  (Please drop me a line on social media if you want me to answer a FAQ you might have!)

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