“Fit Girl” Essentials – What’s In My Gym Bag?

Gym essentials for fit girls

“What pre-workout are you using?”

“What booty bands do you have?”

“I workout on my lunch hour, what would you recommend to freshen up after a workout?”

I get asked many questions about my fit favorites and what I use daily to crush my goals.  I know from first hand experience that packing ahead and having a consistent plan and schedule eliminates so much stress from a hectic day.  As a mom, I like to pack lunches, Quinn’s book bag, my gym bag, etc the night before to make the next day run as smoothly as possible.  This way, I never forget anything we need and I can devote my attention to the task at hand.

So today I am showing you what I keep packed and on-the-go with me daily!  **P.S. this post contains affiliate links.

What’s In My Gym Bag? >> Bag is Vooray!

Gym essentials for fit girls


Headphones >> Bluedio Turbine T3

I can’t live without music.  I had a pair of over the ear Jabra for about two years and they finally quit working so I snagged these at a super low price.  My favorite music to listen to while I lift is raaaaaap/R&B.  Wale, Weezy, Future, Beyonce, Rae Sremmurd, etc.  I gotta have a good beat!

Booty Bands / Wraps

I ordered my set of 5 and keep them with me at all times.  I use the black and blue band to warm up the glutes but also for some added tension during my glute targeted lifts.  I don’t use my wraps that often, but they are great to take the tension out of the hand grip and help me engage my back more.  For heavier rows or lat pulldowns, I tend to squeeze my hands and the wraps help me focus on driving with my elbows.

Camera Gear

If you didn’t selfie, it didn’t happen, right?!  Actually, I keep my mini tripod and clicker with me in case I think of things I need to shoot for instagram content.  It’s rare that I have someone with me who can help take video or pics.  The clicker comes in so handy!

Girl Necessities

No embarrassing mishaps… I always keep panty liners and tampons with me.


I love the PH balanced Bresh wipes to freshen up if I am leaving from the gym and meeting someone or just feel extra yucky.  Dry shampoo is a must because I wash my hair about once a week.  Bobby pins come in handy for a quick bun or just taming the mane.  I store them in an empty tic-tac container.  I always have hand sanitizer because the gym is a dirty dirty place.  I also keep some chapstick in my bag because I’m kind of an addict.

Locker Lock


Notebook / Pen

I track my workouts for a few reasons.  1) non-scale victories and seeing my strength increase 2) Making sure that I vary my workouts and don’t over/under train certain muscle groups and hit different angles 3) I can share them with clients

Pre-Workout and Non-Stim Pump >>  (code kaylav for 30% off anything Nutrakey or Repp Sports.)

I use REACTR daily because the caffeine is released in phases versus a jolt and then a crash.  It helps me focus in the gym which improves my mind/muscle connection.  It has some pump benefits, but I sometimes like to add a half scoop of Hydro Pump for extra.

If I am training later in the day or I’ve already had enough coffee, I just use one scoop of Hydro Pump since it’s stimulant free.  Vasodilation =more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the muscle so I don’t fatigue as easily and can recover faster.  It also feels so good to get that good pump going!

Gym essentials for fit girls

BCAA Optima

My favorite flavor is Grape Crush and I drink a scoop of these during my workout.  BCAAs are just essential amino acids that help with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that is caused from the microscopic tears in your muscles after you train them.  They also help your body utilize fat for energy and aid in protein synthesis.  No sugars or carbs either but they taste like kool-aid!

Other items I might throw in depending on what I plan on doing at the gym:

  • Belt- I like the support if I plan on squatting or deadlifting heavier.
  • Jump Rope- just for a cardio change up.
  • Slides- Great for warmup and core work!
  • Snack- If I have errands to run right after the gym I need to eat a snack so I might pack a Quest cereal bar or Oh Yeah One bar.  Simple and delicious!
  • Shower Caps- If I am packing extra tennies, I might the bottoms with shower caps so they don’t get everything in my bag dirty.

That’s pretty much what I keep in my bag all the time!  Failure to plan is a plan to fail so get your bag packed and ready to go.  It’s one less thing you have to think about and will make it so easy to workout every day!

Gym essentials for fit girls

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