The Secret to Building Glutes

Are you ready to learn the secret to building glutes?

I am really excited to be sharing this resource today because I think it will make all the difference in the world in your desire to shape, lift or even build your booty.

It’s not actually a secret, but I’m surprised that so many people suffer from this and continue to make this mistake when trying to work their behind.

The mistake?

It’s actually NOT the choice of exercises, believe it or not.  Many of you are doing the effective exercises like I posted about here.

The real problem is that although you might be choosing the appropriate exercises and training glutes often enough, you are still wasting your time.

Many women suffer from something called Lower Crossed Syndrome and don’t even realize it.

Unfortunately, due to this problem, the pelvis is tilted and this prevents the glutes from being in a good position to contract.  It usually comes with a host of other issues like back pain, poor posture, hamstring pain, etc.  You can learn all about it in my ebook because I educate you on the science behind it.

This needs to be addressed and corrected otherwise the glute exercises aren’t targeting the glutes at all!


This was my problem.  I was doing hundreds of lunges and bridges and squats in my living room and just never saw progress with my butt besides it getting flatter from fat loss.

It finally dawned on me that I might be “quad dominant” and so then I started digging for more information.  But it took me a long time to put all the info together and find an actual system or solution that would correct it.

From there, I was able to focus on building my bootaayyyyy and was actually very successful!

most effective exercises for building glutes In order for a muscle to grow, it has to be put under stress and broken down.  So if you aren’t even using your glutes (rather your back and quads) to perform deadlifts, squats, bridges, etc then you just aren’t going to see changes.

I thought the easiest way possible for me to help you with this was to make an ebook.  I get asked all the time about glutes and how to build a butt, so this would be my best advice to start given the 98% of women I see struggling here.

If this is something you struggle with, I highly suggest you check it out!

Here’s what’s included:

-25 pages

-Exercise videos for demonstration and cues

-Education on the problem/solution

-Self Assessment

-3 phases of correction + exercises + sample workout

-notes on proper nutrition intake

-My favorite booty accessories

-A space for progress notes

I would love it if you keep track of your progress and let me know how this goes for you!  Tag me on social media or email me!


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