8 Types of Social Media Posts to Connect With Your Ideal Audience

You may feel a bit burned out on wondering what you should post…

I get it because I once was so frustrated. I felt like I worked so hard on posting a ton of content to build my audience, but I learned that quality > quantity is what matters when you are trying to build brand awareness.

Connection is key if you want to actually monetize your social media platforms or get people to buy from you.

Do you want to know the BEST way to not only build your brand awareness and audience, but CONNECT with them?

Cue the 8 types of social media posts!

I’ve found these to be the most effective types of posts for a few reasons…

  1. Your audience feels very connected to you
  2. Your audience sees you as the expert and best choice to help them in solving their problem
  3. Your audience trusts you
  4. Your audience is people you would actually enjoy working with
  5. Your audience will actually BUY from you!

Once you learn the 8 types of social media posts below, you may look back at your content and notice that you tend to gravitate toward the type you enjoy most and then wonder why you “feel” like you are struggling to think of new content.

So let’s cover the types of posts and some examples!

**Note: If you aimed for 2 per week of each you would have 16 posts lined up!

PERSONAL STORY (tell a story of your own that relates to your audience)

  • I get it…
  • I know what it’s like to…
  • I never thought I’d be able to…
  • I know it feels scary…

>> an example of a personal story 


PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY (challenge and reframe mindset)

  • It’s not your fault
  • The “___” mindset (all or nothing, etc)
  • Quote
  • What do you want?
  • Would you like this or that?

>> an example of personal philosophy

SOCIAL PROOF (client testimony, transformation proof)

  • tell their story of struggle to success
  • screenshot of client win
  • share their results

>>  an example of social proof


STRATEGY/ HOW TO (strictly educational with takeaway tips)

  • don’t make this mistake
  • I had a client come to me recently and she asked “—-” and here’s what I told her
  • # things you need for ___
  • read on to increase your
  • what not to do
  • # things to stop doing immediately if you want ___
  • How to get…

>> an example of strategy/how to

LIFESTYLE (show your real life or behind the scenes)

  • post workout gym flow
  • your morning routine
  • kids/family outing
  • how you unwind
  • a full day of eating

>> an example of lifestyle

QUESTIONS (ask your audience)

  • what would help you gain clarity on ____
  • which would you love to see more of from me ___ or ____?
  • Fill in the blank: Dieting is _____.

>> an example of questions


  • join me on Friday at 7pst for——
  • offer to join your FB community
  • I’m doing a free training on ____ and you’re going to get ____
  • discovery call offer
  • invite to apply for your services

>> an example of an invitation


  • memes, humor
  • funny things your kids did/said
  • something that happened to you or you saw
  • showing your personality

>> an example of entertainment

Keep in mind, these can be used in various forms of content!

  • pictures
  • screenshots
  • memes/GIF
  • text overlay/quotes
  • videos
  • Facebook or Instagram LIVE
  • Facebook or Instagram stories
  • Instagram TV
  • short text with background color (Facebook)
  • Polls

I even made you a handy cheat sheet that you can use for planning your content!

8 types of social media posts that are highly effective for building brand awareness

I hope you find this helpful!

P.S. Content is everywhere!! Make notes as you think of ideas.  I use Google Keep to save ideas and come back to write the content later.

Now, go print this and set aside a chunk of time to get a whole week of content done!

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