Meet Kayla

Vashti is my middle name and infectious confidence for women is my game!

P.S. I love coffee.  

So, if you are new, grab a coffee (+ your sexiest mom yoga pants) and let’s get to know each other.



By day, I am mommy to Quinn and Jake and an online fitness coach for women who want to conquer their life by conquering their body and mind.   If you are a chick that wants to be a little more badass and feel more comfortable in the gym, build some muscle, have better sex, get rid of food guilt, and improve your relationships, then I’m your girl!

{Where it started for me}

I was a semi-fit girl who did mostly home workouts (Beachbody) and ate “clean” but never really saw the changes I wanted to see in my body.  I did a lot of cardio, wasn’t sure of how to lift, had zero understanding of nutrition and then as a new mom, I struggled to make myself a priority.

I always just felt “okay” but never great in my body.

I envied other women who seemed so confident and their infectious energy.

I finally asked myself, “Why can’t that be me?”14 ways competing transformed me beyond my physique

I dove into mastering myself on the inside and outside.

I untied my relationship with food and my body and wrote a new story.

Everything in my life improved from my relationships to my career to the way I show up for my kiddos.

Through all of this, I learned how to empower and educate women to do the same for themselves.  We DESERVE to feel confident and strong!

2 Reasons You Shouldn't Get Implants + Why I Decided They Are Right For Me #FirstLoveYourselfOver the past 10 years I have shared my journey from pregnancy to stage and more.

This blog has become my baby and home.

I want my blog to be a place that women can go to learn about self love, fitness, fueling our bodies and anything else that I set on a journey to master and teach.

I want you to know you can always email me and reach out on social media!  Shoot me a message on Instagram!

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