Meet Kayla

My name is actually Kayla, but Vashti is my middle name and fitness is my game!

P.S. I love coffee.  

P.S.S.  No…  I really effing love coffee. If you are new, grab a coffee (+ your sexiest mom yoga pants) and feel free to read my favorite posts to get started.

My experience at the Natural Northern Dave Liberman NPC show

By day, I’m an online IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) fitness coach where I work closely with clients to help them reach their goals. I really love educating women about nutrition and busting the myths of the fitness industry. (…no, you can’t spot reduce fat and yes, carbs are okay before bed…)


I am also mommy to this lovely little girl, Quinn!

I’m a top 10 National NPC bikini competitor who writes for the women fighting for a tighter tush and anyone looking to learn about the sport of competing, self care and self love.  I love empowering women to prioritize themselves and feel confident!

14 ways competing transformed me beyond my physique

My belief is that every mom deserves to make herself a priority even though it sometimes feels selfish.  Motherhood is a full time job, but a healthy and happy mom can give so much more to her family.

2 Reasons You Shouldn't Get Implants + Why I Decided They Are Right For Me #FirstLoveYourselfI want my blog to be a place that people can go to for healthy living tips, macro hack recipes, my thoughts about competing NPC, and everything in between.  I love sharing my training story, making videos, ebooks and printables that help you unleash your inner sexy supermom.  I want your life to have less stress and more success with your fitness goals.

Since starting my blog, I have loved sharing my life and special moments, connecting and sharing with other women, and being inspired by them as well!  One thing I have learned is that friendships can be made with people you haven’t met (or might never meet.)  I am grateful for those of you who I have connected with and am thrilled you have found your place here on Variety by Vashti.

So tell me a little about you! Addicted to fitness or just starting out?  Do you compete or want to step on stage someday?…

I want you to know you can always email me and reach out on social media!  Contact me anytime at varietybyvashti {AT} gmail {DOT} com

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