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macro friendly smores- high protein, low fat, IIFYM macro hack

Macro Hack: High Protein S’mores

Y’all know I love to take unhealthy foods and make them macro friendly, so why not just start a section on my blog here where I can just keep the macro hack recipes?! If you aren’t sure what macros…

chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie bowl with whey protein, cashew milk, banana, chia seeds, coconut and other fun mix ins! High in fiber and only 13 grams of fat. This will keep you full and tickle your sweet tooth!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie Bowl

I ain’t never met a smoothie bowl I didn’t like, but can we just talk about this chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie bowl?  (I can almost guarantee I’m not twisting your arm with that one) Brace yourself for the addiction…

LOW FAT tahini free hummus recipe! The flavor can be changed up with seasonings and it's very easy to make. Secret ingredient adds a little protein, too!

Low-Fat Hummus Without Tahini (Secret Ingredient)

Hummus is one ingredient that I could fill a giant bowl with and have zero ragrets about eating it ALLLLLLL. #cantstopwontstop Hummus with pita. Hummus with veggies. Hummus on a salad. Hummus on a burger. Hummus on pizza. Hummus…

Finding A Balance “Full Day Of Eats”

It’s now been two weeks since I finished my competition and I’m still trying to assess where I am at on a daily basis. I’m finding that intuitive eating is currently working for me because I don’t have to…

55+ clean eating recipe cookbook (ebook)

Bikini Babe “Bro Diet” Cookbook Is Here!

CLEAN FOOD DOES NOT HAVE TO BE BORING. I've created 55+ recipes to make food taste GREAT even on a bro diet. Use this cookbook to spark some ideas for eating clean every day, OR you can check your…

High protein IIFYM Lil Buff Cake Mix (via Lil Buff Bakery)

High Protein Lil Buff Cakes 4 Recipes (Giveaway)

Before entering, grab a napkin… #DROOLWORTHY My friend Christine I met in Cleveland while we were both competing.  We started talking while waiting backstage and quickly realized we have a lot in common.  As busy moms, we both like…

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