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Bikini Competitiors are like drug dealers

Why Bikini Competitors Are Like Drug Dealers

  Say what?! Yes.  I compared myself to a drug dealer.  Not because I am constantly carrying around baggies of powdered substances and pills, although that is pretty funny, too. There’s a much bigger picture here and I feel…

Life as a bikini competitor: When The Spray Tan Fades

When the Spray Tan Fades the Real Battle Begins

I have been sharing a lot of behind the scenes binging that has been going on in my world now that I am off-season.  I like to keep it real.  I asked Ryanne, a fellow friend and bikini competitor,…

bikiini competitions what judges are looking for and scoring

What Are The Judges Looking For?

I am so excited to start this series True Life: I’m A Bikini Competitor!  I get so many questions about competing and I feel that it’s my job to help educate others about the process. I was once so…

How to Clean Your Competition Bikini

How to Clean Your Competition Bikini

The suit. It’s what makes your hard work and beauty really shine on stage and you probably spent a pretty penny on it.  It’s your most prized possession as a competitor (besides your body) and should be handled carefully…

Reasons You Should Attend NPC Bikini Posing Clinic

WOW!  Last weekend flew by and it’s already Wednesday! (Remember me saying that time is going by faster than I am ready for?) My friend Renee and I road tripped down to Cleveland for a posing clinic hosted by Dave…

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