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lip injection experience with Dr. Craig Colville - Juverderm Ultra injections

My Lip Injection Experience |Part 2: Myths & Fears|

I'm really excited to share this post today because of all the questions swirling around in my inbox and folders. I think this will be really helpful and help shed some light on lip injections since I once believed/feared…

10 foods that heal after breast augmentation surgery

10 Healing Foods for Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery

I am now officially two weeks (plus some change) post op!  Healing and recovery is a breeze which I attribute to these foods, lots of water, rest and following my doctor’s recommendations. If you are curious about all the details…

Breast Augmentation Recovery Phase 1: Days 1-3. Pain management, what it feels like, etc.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Part 1: Days 1-3

As you all know, I recently had breast augmentation done.  I am so extremely happy with the entire process and results so far!  I’m 11 days post-op but still in the healing stages, so I want to start this…

2 Reasons You Shouldn't Get Implants + Why I Decided They Are Right For Me #FirstLoveYourself

2 Reasons I’m Against Implants + Why I Changed My Mind

Who doesn’t love to talk about boobies? You may have seen some teasers on social media the past week about my breast augmentation so maybe some of you figured it out. I would imagine everyone is pretty shocked, honestly.  I…

14 ways competing transformed me beyond my physique

14 Ways Competing Transformed Me Beyond My Physique

“A year ago, everything was different.  And now that I look back, I realize a year can do a lot to a person.” -Anonymous I will say that the past few years have been the most informative, happiest, hurtful,…

Finding A Balance “Full Day Of Eats”

It’s now been two weeks since I finished my competition and I’m still trying to assess where I am at on a daily basis. I’m finding that intuitive eating is currently working for me because I don’t have to…

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