DIY Tile + Tub Makeover with Paint

Until a few months ago, I enjoyed the color pink.  HECK even this blog had lots of pink.

Then we bought our house and little pink squares of Satan kept popping up.  First it was the tub and tile.  Then it was the floor.  {sigh.}

A picture is worth a thousand words but when you see this you will say, “Never a good plan.”

pink bathtub before logo

bathroom floor pink logoSerious grossness.

Ripping out ceramic tile can be a ton of work and/or costly.  We don’t have the extra time or money to focus on this bathroom right now.  I would rather have furniture and a new kitchen, so I started thinking up ways to just get by until we are ready to tackle it head on.  I figured I would stick to my “paint everything” method.

Again, painting was just a temporary fix for us so that we could save up for two more years for something more long-term.quinn in tub diy paint logo

Pinterest is always my life saver, so I started reading tutorials from other bloggers.

No one had a clear answer and there wasn’t a tutorial I felt really impressed with.  That’s when it dawned on me.

I use Zinsser Oil Based Primer for almost every project including painting laminate furniture.  I figured I could use it on tile, too!

I made sure to cover the primer with a coat of high gloss outdoor paint.  It has held up but we don’t use abrasive cleaners.

**Update to this post: To keep your paint from peeling or scratching and lasting longer, I would recommend doing two coats of clear epoxy.  We didn’t and looking back, I would have if I thought of it!

What I used for the Tub Tile and repeated for Floor Tile:
I started by cleaning the floor tile and scraping all of the leftover glue (and other unmentionables.) I am so glad I own this Shark Steam Pocket Mop steamer! It helped loosen everything up so I could scrape much more easily.

Fine Finisher 6″ Foam Roller $7.50 for 6

Cheap paintbrushes $5.99 for 5

Zinsser Cover Stain Primer/Sealer $28 (I already had this since I use it for everything)  Also available in spray paint if that’s your thing!

I primed the entire tub tile and floor.  Just one coat on the floor and two on the tub.

painting bath tile white from pink logo primer on tile logo

Once the tub was then painted with white outdoor paint, I added the stripe with the Soft Panther paint.


I also rolled the floor with Soft Panther.

bathroom floor 5 logo

 For the Tub:

Rust-Oleum Tub And Tile Refinishing Kit $25.97

This kit is basically a 2 step process which you repeat three times.  You scrub with a solution, scrub with steel wool and then repeat.  If I had to do this again, I would have just opted for the Zinsser I listed above but in the spray. Then spray the epoxy kit on top.  The key here is to make sure each coat has lots of curing time.

And the final product (for now):

bathroom floor 3 logo

quinn in tub diy paint text overlay

Other notes:

As you can see, this is a little over $30, but you will have rollers, brushes and primer left over for more projects, so it’s well worth the money to get more than you need for just a tub.  The only thing I had to purchase for this entire project was the Epoxy kit since I already had everything else.

-When spraying the tub with epoxy, make sure you cover your body and wear a mask.  It’s super stinky!  It will also settle and leave a dust so cover anything (like the toilet or floor) so you don’t paint it by default.

-This primer will ruin your brush or roller unless you use a special cleaner.  Just plan on buying a cheap brush and tossing it.  It’s not worth the time or vapors you would inhale to clean your brush!

-The primer dries somewhat quickly, so try to use the brush on the grout and roll that section vs brushing all the grout at once.

-The primer is VERY stinky.  Use a ventilated mask, or keep windows and doors open with a fan on.

This is a very simple project, but very time consuming especially with drying time.



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